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Winners' Message

“Because the International Sake Challenge is a contest that includes foreigners as judges, we believe that winning an award there is valuable as a result of comprehensive evaluation from various people.”

"Since the International Sake Challenge is a contest that includes foreign judges, we believe that winning an award at the ISC is a valuable result of the overall evaluation by a diverse group of people."


“For Nami, winning the gold medal at the ISC is a great honor and the best way to prove to the world the quality of Mexico’s first craft sake. It shows the talent of the team and the best way to enjoy our sake.”

"For Nami winning a gold medal at the ISC, is a great honor, and the best way to validate the high quality of the first Mexican craft sake around the world. A medal awarded by Japanese sake experts signals the talent of our team, and it's the best way to invite people to enjoy our sake."


“The sake that the locals love to drink on a daily basis won the award, and for those of us who moved after the earthquake, it was a way to give back to the local community.”

"For those of us who have relocated after the Tohoku earthquake, receiving the award for our Sake that is regularly enjoyed by the local community was a way to give back to our hometown."

代表と杜氏_Saito Shuzo.JPG

“We are very honored to receive the trophy at the International Sake Challenge 2021 for the second time following the one in 2017.
We feel that winning awards at competitions with a long history functions as a means of selecting products from among a large number of product groups, and increases the recognition of our products not only in Japan but also overseas.
We will continue to brew good sake that can be widely loved in the future. ”


“Founded in 1830, our company, which celebrated its 192nd year, aims to produce the best local sake.
Eight products were awarded, including the trophy award-winning Junmai Daiginjo Tenju.
All of the raw rice is produced by local contracted farmers led by the Tenju Sake Rice Research Association. I would like to express my gratitude for the encouragement that I am aiming for, and the evaluation of the International Sake Challenge, which has an overseas perspective, has led to a high evaluation in exports, and it has also become an appealing point in domestic sales. ”

2020蔵人集合写真_Tenju Shuzo.jpg
Yazawa Shuzo_.jpg

“I am very proud to have received the Trophy Award, which is the highest award in the Junmai Daiginjo category.
At the award ceremony, Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado gave a congratulatory speech.
We are grateful that sake from a brewery like ours, which can be said to be unknown nationwide, has been selected for the Trophy Award, which is the highest award, and we feel the fairness of the award.
All the brewers were overjoyed at the result of being the first among the many participating breweries. It was a great opportunity to introduce our local sake, which is only distributed in rural areas, to the whole country and even to the world. I have high hopes for future developments. ”

It is a great honor that the quality of 'Hamachidori Daiginjo', which uses 'Iwate Prefecture's original yeast 'Giovanni no Shirabe', has been highly evaluated in a global contest. becomes. ”

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