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International SAKE Challenge

18th International Sake Challenge 2024

International Sake Challenge is a professional Sake competition held annually in Tokyo - now in its 18th year. 

Our Vision and Objectives

Our primary goal is the development of understanding, awareness, distribution and sales of Sake internationally.

The 17th International Sake Challenge was held on 30th September 2023 at Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku.  Our judges comprised 7 of the leading Japan Sake experts, and the 4 of leading international wine experts. Jointly, they judged the Sakes entered, and awarded Trophy, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as appropriate.

The results of the competition are featured on our "RESULTS" page.

The International SAKE Challenge has close links to all the leading international wine education bodies and to the principal wine competitions in North America, Asia and Europe.


Greetings from the Judges

Mr. Haruo Matsuzaki

I am delighted that the International Sake Challenge will be held again this year as an opportunity to promote the value of sake to the world. This is because I believe that this competition does more than just awarding prizes; the sake exhibited as a whole eloquently conveys information about the diversity of flavours, technical excellence, regional characteristics and individuality of the brewer, and communicates this to the world.

In this sense, the role of the judges is extremely important, and the members, who are comprised of renowned sake experts and journalists from all over Japan and abroad, are remarkable. What I feel when I participate in every meeting is that the attitude of listening to sake with sincerity is the same all over the world. The atmosphere in which the participants sharpen their senses and proceed with the sake tasting is like witnessing the moment when Japanese sake is making its breakthrough on the world market. I am honoured to be a part of this again this year.


Haruo Matsuzaki
Co-Chairmen of Judging

Sake journalist, consultant.

Representative of SAKE Marketing House Co., Ltd.




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